Bullet Racing Cams “460 EFI Guys Stage 2” Kit for EFI and Carb 460

.522 / .522 Lift, 112 LSA, 221 / 221 duration @ .050 lift, 4 degrees advance cut in for 108 intake centerline.

This is an awesome all around EFI friendly cam.  It has a great exhaust tone, flat and strong torque curve, and will work flawlessly with Speed density EFI and make great power.  This cam will work with your stock speed density ecu and does not require a higher stall convertor.

2 Left IN STOCK NOW!!!
  • Bullet Racing Cam’s hydraulic flat tappet camshaft
  • Howard’s lifter set
  • True Roller Double-Roller Adjustable Timing Chain and Gear Set
  • new springs, locks and retainers
  • camshaft assembly lube

After years of trying hand fulls of camshafts we decided to modify our favorites and make our own lines.  We partnered up with Howards and Bullet Racing Cams to get these custom made to our specifications.  Like so many others, we have fought low quality cams failing on us.  Not willing to take any chances ever again, we are thrilled to have partnered up with Bullet and Howard’s Cams, and their unrivaled quality.  To be able to run this camshaft you have to swap to the included springs, locks, and retainers.  We have always had great spring pressure with this setup, however it is your responsibility to confirm proper spring pressure.

An absolute must is to break  in your camshaft with Lucas Engine Break-In Oil 10636 you will want 2 gallons.


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