Custom Order : David – Labor Payment #1

Bill for labor (Parts and supplies will be a separate invoice)
full tear down and removal:10 hours
reinstallation of engine and front clip: 8
engine tear down and inspection for build: 2
cleaning and painting of accessories: 6
Installation of headers and full exhaust: 15
installing and setting up throttle body: 2
remapping and running vacuum lines, heater lines, radiator hoses, pcv, egr: 2
Fixing and remapping harness, repairing other parts of electrical: 5
installing wideband guage and mounting: 2
front and rear axle brake, bearings, seals, sway bar and track bar repair: 18
engine break in, fluids, retorquing, diagnostics, programming, checking and oil change: 3
74 total hours @ 80/hr = 5920 ( Discount of $650 -> $5270 )
.05% sales tax
Total Due for Labor: $6216 -> (After Discount Total = $5533.50)


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