Our Mission Statement

Our mission began with converting the vintage vehicles we love into more fuel efficient, fuel injected, beastly daily drivers. But the most important thing was to make them perfectly reliable and fun to drive. A system that would allow you to make drastic engine changes. Then the next day drive from sea level, across the country and then over the Rockies. We wanted all the benefits of a factory EFI system but without all the headaches of their shortcomings. A system that would never leave you stranded due to carburetor issues, vapor locking, or egr related failures.

After the initial years of testing and remapping we learned we could achieve everything we set out to. By fully remapping the wiring harness it allows us to create a stand-alone platform that is actually self-learning. No dyno tuning has ever been needed on a single kit. One key element of this is the computer-controlled timing, it adjusts with elevation, temperature, and engine load.

We initially started with the 460 engines but then learned this same stand-alone system will run a mild 289 all the way up to 800 hp stoker big blocks. It is that versatile. The best part is we use only stock factory parts. If a sensor or an ecu ever goes out, you can pick one up at any parts store and get back on the road. You’re not waiting for someone to ship your parts from a specialized source.

We have countless systems in customers’ cars, trucks, RV’s, boats, snow cats and industrial equipment to date. Not to mention we run them in our own vehicles everyday. As a quality control measure each harness and ecu gets tested in the blue and white monster. That truck is turning 44’s weighs over 9000 lbs., and with the EFI system it gets double its carbureted gas mileage. The best part is the system makes wonderful power throughout the entire rpm range. Powering the truck is a mildly built 460 that makes gobs of power. So much so the truck is on its 3rd 14 bolt rear axle (this one is fully built and trussed to take the power).

The Harness is how We Achieved Our Mission

We were able to achieve every one of our goals by completely remapping the wiring harness. We start by splitting wiring connections that bog down the ECU and help to clean up signals feeding the computer. From there we convert to a more updated functionality on the distributor, ignition module, oxygen sensor, throttle position, and even the relays. We also isolate / remap / and finally remove the EGR, SMOG, and vacuum sensors. With this process the ECU is dramatically changed. It is freed up and allowed to run correctly and without the limitations it was facing.

As for fuel economy
We can’t promise anyone an exact increase. Simply put there are too many variables with each vehicle and engine. Typically, you can expect to see a 10-30% increase. Our vehicles saw dramatic increases. The Monster went from 5-6 on a good day to 8-13mpg depending on how its driven. The stock 2wd truck we have gets between 12-16 consistently. All this while staying within beautiful air fuel parameters. More important than even fuel economy is the fact that they run perfectly. Whether you’re at sea level or 9000 ft. If it’s a blistering 20 degrees below zero, or a scorching 115 degrees you can rest assured it’ll fire up and take you where you need to go.

If you are running a very aggressive camshaft, or wild build specs give us a call. Our kits have flawlessly run every engine we have put them on. We like to talk to our customers to make sure they are getting the correct injectors and fuel pump to match their power needs.

The one limitation of our system is it will not fix a bad engine. If your engine is pre-detonating or is worn out, fuel injection is not the answer to solving the problem.