The ZF5 manual 5-speed has proven to be a very nice addition to every vehicle we have installed it in.

As you may already know it is a direct bolt on to a 460, however it also directly bolts onto a 351M and 400, the only problem is it doesn’t put the input shaft into the pilot bearing and thus line the splines up correctly either. We cringed at the thought of having a spacer on the flywheel, so we set out to do the install correctly. By machining off the correct amount of metal from the bell housing we where able to correctly mate the zf5 up to a 351M and 400. From there we reinforce the transmission by welding aluminum in where it was too thin and weak. With this approach a stock starter is also still applicable.

ZF5 to 351M/400 Bellhousing modification:

Just ship us your 460 zf5 speed, and we will do the machining and send it back to you ready to bolt on and use.

Hydraulic pedal conversion:

We take your linkage style pedals and change them over to a hydraulic clutch setup for use with stock zf5 hydraulic components. Just ship us your pedal assembly and we do the rest.


We have done the electronic transmission controlling through our ECU. However, we have found that Ford had very limited options and tuning of that transmission with their ECU. So, we have our customers order a stand-alone controller for the E4OD from the company that specializes in aftermarket options. They even give you options like paddle shift and rpm options.