Turnkey Custom Built 460 Engines

From mild to monster, we can build an engine to meet your horsepower and torque goals.  Whether you are looking for a smooth daily driver to get you back and forth to work, or a fully built pavement peeler we are happy to get you set up with a big block to meet your needs.

Fully built turn key EFI engines with our stand-alone harness and ECU:

Fully built turn key EFI engines with our stand-alone harness and ECU. Call for a quote.

We also try to keep a few 460’s on hand.  If you are looking for a good solid 460 to swap in that offers the same stand-alone system check out what we have in stock and ready to go below.

Turn Key Motors for Sale

We are always hunting for solid low mileage engines to sell as a fuel injected 460 turn key engines. This offers a low cost, quick and easy conversion for our customers. Each engine comes fully tested with the full stand-alone wiring harness and ecu, injectors, sensors, and a new fuel pump. We top it off with our low-profile throttle body kit for even better throttle response and hp.    

Each motor is thoroughly driven, compression tested and dialed in. As a standard a new rear main seal is installed along with oil pan gaskets, water pump gaskets, timing cover gasket, and any other needed gaskets and seals. Furthermore, the rod and main bearings, cylinders, timing chain, and water pump are all inspected to insure longevity of each motor.    

As an added bonus we do our long-lasting custom paint job. It is not a typical rattle bomb. But instead a professional level prep, paint, and bake. This has always given a longer lasting finish than we have ever got from any machine shop.   

If you are wanting some hp and torque added we are happy to swap cams, install our performance modified intake for a low addition cost. With such a large purchase we like to give large discounts on other goodies such as motor mounts and other products. Feel free to give us a call and discuss options.

1996 460 Turnkey Motor

Turn key engine with our stand-alone harness and ECU 22,000 miles 

This engine includes a new double roller timing chain.