Turnkey Custom Built 460 Engines

Custom Built EFI 460 Engines with Roller Cam

From mild to monster, we can build an engine to meet your horsepower and torque goals.  Whether you are looking for a smooth daily driver to get you back and forth to work, or a fully built pavement peeler we are happy to get you set up with a big block to meet your needs.  What we call a standard build is well beyond any standard.  Each of our engines we build (in house) are held to the highest standards of excellence.  We went through 6 different machinists to find one that did work to our level of expectation.  The entire engine is completely machined and only premium quality parts are used.  There are no corners cut or sub-par parts that go into an engine coming from us.  We custom build our engines to suit your needs and give you optional upgrades to choose from. Against industry standards and unlike any other engine builder we take our process to the next level.  We actually install each motor and put at least 300 miles on them, yes miles on the road.  This ensures you are receiving an engine ready to drop in and drive.  Not a potential time-bomb of “God I hope this holds together”.  We have all seen too many engines come apart in the first week, or sometimes a month later.  No one can afford that lost time, money, and heartache.

Machine Work

The engine block: $900-$1,400

  • No questionable block is ever used nor do we exceed safe limits of cylinder wall thickness
  • Cleaned, shot peened and magna-fluxed
  • Main caps shaved and line-honed
  • Squared / Decked / Surfaced to ensure each cylinder has matched compression to the 7 others
  • Bored and Deck plate diamond cutter honed
  • Cleaned, measured, and checked to immaculate ready to build levels

The crankshaft and rotating assembly: $900-$1,450

  • No questionable crankshaft is ever used nor do we exceed safe limits of undersize bearings
  • Each main and rod will match perfectly for true balance
  • The entire rotating assembly is balanced from harmonic balancer to flywheel and pressure plate (pressure plate is optional)
  • After the wrist pin end has been clearanced each Kieth black Hypereutectic piston is balanced
  • Each Eagle H-Beam rod is balanced (floating not pressed wrist pins)
  • No corners are ever cut, if heavy metal is needed it is used for a perfect balance

Cylinder heads: $900-$1,500

  • Heads are done with a 3 angle valve job
  • valves are replaced if they are questionably worn
  • Valve guides are replaced if not within “new specs”
  • Diamond cutters are used for valve guides
  • New springs, locks, retainers are matched to the cam selected
  • Valve guides are cut down to accommodate valve lift
  • Each valve spring is measured and balanced to within 5 lbs of each other at the seat and the nose

Cam Shaft & Lifters: $1,275

  • Crower Hydraulic Roller Cam & Lifters

Final cost will be determined by options and Machinist’s Services

Parts – $4,140

  • Eagle H-Beam Rods
  • Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons
  • Melling Oil Pump
  • Fel-Pro Gaskets
  • Rod, Main, Cam Bearings
  • Break in Oil
  • Gasket Maker
  • Paint
  • Cleaning
  • Crower Roller Cam & Lifters
  • Rocker Arms (Stamped Steal or Upgraded Harland Sharp)
  • Upgraded Pushrods
  • SFI Harmonic Balancer
  • True Roller Timing Chain Set
  • Pioneer Soft Plugs & Freeze Plugs
  • 460 EFI Guys Throttle Body
  • 460 EFI Guys Modified Intake
  • High Flow Water Pump (when available)
  • Accel Copper U-Groove Spark Plugs
  • Distributer
  • All New Engine Sensors included
  • Upgraded Accel Injectors

Cleaning, Assembly, Painting, Building, Break-In, Running – $3,000-$3,800

Optional Upgrades

Mild Port and Polish (great improvement) – $500

Full Port and Polish (superior improvement) – $900

Stainless or Performance Valves – $250-$400

ARP Main Studs – $90

ARP Head Studs – $285

Harland Sharp Adjustable Rollers Rockers – $450

Modified Valve Covers if using Adjustable Roller Rockers – $300

Oversized Milodon Oil Pan and Pickup – $450

Windage Tray – $150

Stroker Kit – $1,000-$2,500

Core Charge

Usable Short Block (including Timing Cover and Oil Pan) – $600

Core on Heads (F3TE) – $800

Core on 88-97 460 Intake – $200

EFI 460 1988-97 Performance Modified Crate Engine

Bolt-in replacement for 88-97 or can be used with our stand-alone harness and ECU

(450 +/- HP)
(500 +/- ft lbs)

Complete oil pan to throttle body. Dressed with our low profile throttle body, our performance modified intake, high flow water pump, new distributor, new 30 lb injectors, all new sensors and idle air control valve. Each engine is tested and has gone through the break in process on the road in our street driven test vehicle. Brackets and other accessories sold separate.

Final cost will be determined by options and Machinist’s Services

Starting at $11,000 + Freight + Core (if applicable)