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Hydro-boost Conversion Kit

for 70's F-series trucks and full-size Broncos

Hands down the best upgrade to any vintage vehicle’s braking system is converting to hydro-boost brakes. It stops the shops Monster better then we could have ever imaged with 40″ and larger tires pulling a trailer. If you’re running a hydro assist steering set-up. We have that figured out too. The monster has hydro-boost and hydro assist steering, and with the correct valving we have had both working perfectly for the last 3 years now.

Full Truss Systems

for 14-Bolts

After snapping 3 rear dana 60 axle shafts we finally converted to a Corporate 14-bolt axle. Unfortunately, we spun the tubes loose from the center section the second day driving around town. Knowing this might be an issue but not liking anyone’s truss systems we built our own in house. Ours locks the tubes to the pinion guard and to the rear diff cover. It is also easily accessible, and we build them so that shims are needed during assembly (this is a good thing). This way the axle will not bend while bolting it all together.

Call for pricing – 720.345.4146

Fully Built 14-Bolts

Ready to bolt in a Ford F-Series or full-size Bronco

From the gears, differential, truss and spring perches we fully build them ready to bolt into your Ford and capable of taking the abuse of a monster 460.

Call for pricing – 720.345.4146