Customer Builds & Testimonials

“Amazing results, tons of noticeable power. The intake manifold really let the motor get air and breath. The smog delete block off kit, produced tons of power not having to push that horse power robbing smog pump and exhaust gas air.”

“Thanks Russell for all the awesome products, and all the continued technical support with your products. Even though it is a work in progress, it is well under way to being restored.”

“460 EFI guys really know how to turn the 460 into a tire ripping beast.”

– Rick W. (California)

“I couldn’t be any happier with the quality of product and service Russell at the 460 EFI guys offered. The throttle body swap and Twisted Smog install were smooth and have made a remarkable difference in performance and function. Along with added power and a more responsive engine, there was a large trash can full of useless, in the way, parts that were able to be removed. Highly recommended modification.”

– Brian H. (North Carolina)

To date we have countless efi kits on the road. Here’s a few of our customers comments who have installed or had us install electronic fuel injection on their vehicles:

Our Very 1st Customer Said :

I never imagined this old flatbed would pull my loaded skid steer trailer through the Rockies, down to see level and back with as much power as it has now.

In the Words of the 2nd Customer :

This EFI conversion kit was truly a bolt on, plug and play setup to swap to EFI. You guys weren’t kidding it was a lot easier than I could have imagined to install, and it runs amazingly. Have anyone who is considering getting one of these call me.

Our Third Install we did was on a 27′ Ford Jubilee RV :

We replaced his worn out 460 with a used fuel injected 460 out of a 1990 F250. We just did a tune-up for him after 2 years on the road. We took it out for a test drive. This engine has the 1988 efi 460 heads and it has no problem moving with traffic. My neighbor commented “My Honda CR-V couldn’t keep up with you. Not bad for road whale RV