1970-1987 Ford 460/429 truck car and van

(early years had a few shorter water pump bolts.  This pump can be used in 88-97 by shortening those bolts and adding washers behind the serpentine brackets for spacing, but CAN NOT be used with oil/heat exchanger box).  The same applies to van, car 7.5 / 460, 7.0 / 429 high flow water pump

1970-1987 Ford F-100, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450 / Super duty with 7.5 460
1970-1987 Ford E-250 E-350 Econoline Van or Rv with 7.5 460
1970-1987 Ford 460 / 429 with 7.5 460
460 swap where you are using a stock oil filter or remote oil filter kit


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Simply put, a stock volume water pump falls sadly short on a stock 460 powered truck, they simply don’t move enough volume. Even stock engines will fluctuate in temperature drastically from this problem. I have never seen anyone’s water pump keep up with these units. If you do any towing or have increased the power of your engine you will need help to move that massive amount of coolant faster. Your Ford engine and the ECU needs to stay within a specific temperature range to operate correctly. Too cold and you waste fuel, get too hot and the ECU leans the air fuel curve and overheats the engine even further. We searched high and low for a pump that actually worked with the stock radiator tubes, pump shaft, and fan bolt pattern. We were thrilled to find Flowkooler water pumps. But before we offered or recommended any part to anyone we thoroughly tested these first. We installed a few on our built up engines we were installing. What we found was this pump always held the temperature much much closer to the thermostat rating than you could ever expect out of a stock water pump.


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