4jg2 Turbo Upgrade Swap kit to Install Subaru td04 vf39 vf40 kit – Isuzu Bighorn Holden Jackaroo opel Monterey Rodeo

We are proud to release our 4jg2 turbo upgrade adapter and bracket kit to upgrade the turbo. We have been running them on our diesels for thousands of miles of testing with amazing results. It definitely solves the under powered feel and high EGT problem that plagues the 3.1 liter 4jg2 turbo Isuzu and Holden turbo diesel engine. The difference is simply astounding. You will get a dramatically more responsive off-the-line acceleration followed by loads more power all the way up through the rpm range. The pictures of the installs where done in two different vehicles. The first was a 1998 Trooper on 33’s the second was done on a 5500lb 1977 full size jeep Cherokee Chief turning 35’s. Each saw a dramatic reduction in exhaust temperatures with a huge improvement in hp and torque.
The swap is as easy as removing the old turbo, bolting on the adapter to the exhaust manifold, then bolting a Subaru td04, td05, or vf series turbo onto the adapter. You will need to spin the boost side of the turbo and orient it towards the inter-cooler (easier than it sounds). We include all the mounting hardware. Re-use your existing coolant lines and oil lines. The oil return will need to be cut and reconnected with the included piece of rubber oil line to extend it. From there put the rubber bushings from the inter-cooler brackets into the laser cut pieces and remount it. We also give a drilled and tapped (1/8″ NPT) port for installing a EGT gauge / Pyrometer in the correct place. It comes with a plug in-case you don’t have a EGT gauge yet. You will need to make or have an exhaust shop make a new down pipe for you. This again is well worth the money. Improved exhaust always helps a diesel make power and live longer.
The stock top mount intercooler will still work with this swap. The hood will still close correctly and seal.
Included in this kit:
  • Laser cut 5/8″ (15.875mm) thick turbo adapter
  • Mounting nuts and bolts (plated high grade steel)
  • Extender adapter for front right inter-cooler bracket
  • Rear right inter-cooler bracket
  • 5/8″ oil return line 8″ length and hose clamps
  • Installation Instructions
  • Free International Shipping + Handling included


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