1988-97 F250/F350 460/7.5 Saginaw Power Steering Conversion Service and Kit for the EFI 460 Bracket

* If you’re doing a EFI 460 engine swap into a different year than 1988-1997 we need to know what the gearbox’s high pressure line’s threads are.*

Ditch the groaning, low pressure ford pump, and convert to our kit.  We put these brackets through a 12 step process that converts the stock bracket and allows you to use a saginaw power steering pump. These pumps are an off the shelf part from your local parts store, or you can even a chrome aftermarket pump if you want.  We also include all the needed mounting bolts, adapter fittings, a braided stainless high pressure line, the low pressure line, hose clamps. and the pulley for the conversion.  These come back to you fully cleaned, modified, with all the needed conversion parts, and fully painted.

Parts included with the conversion kit:

  • Modified bracket
  • Power steering pulley from Tuff Stuff Performance
  • Chrome cap / dipstick from Tuff Stuff Performance
  • Stainless braided high pressure line from Allstar Performance
  • all needed line fittings and adapters (pump and steering box)
  • Low pressure return line and hose clamps (dayco and gator clamps)
  • gold iridate grade 8 pump mounting bolts

Parts needed:

460 EFI Van saginaw pump -75$ (part # 731-2153)  Or aftermarket saginaw pump

Parts Store Rental Tools:  power steering pulley puller / press and line flaring tool (bubble flaring the end is strongly suggested)

Depending on how quickly you need your new bracket, there are two purchasing options:

Option 1: We don’t charge a core charge. You send us your old bracket, and we send you one that’s already done.

Option 2: We charge a $280 core charge. This way, if you can’t afford the down time with your truck, pre-pay the additional refundable core charge of $280. From there, we will immediately send one out. Once we receive your old bracket back in usable condition we refund the core charge.  If the water pump ear is broken off we just adjust the core charge refund down to $240


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