FE 360 / 390 / 427 / 428 : Low Profile EFI Kit

We are finishing production of our computer-controlled FE distributor. Once it’s done we will begin selling the complete EFI kits for the FE series motors. We anticipate this will be within the next month or two:

These kits include the Edelbrock FE Victor EFI intake and fuel rails. From there everything you need to complete the swap comes in the kit. It includes our same bullet-proof stand-alone wiring harness, ecu, injectors, hardware, and components as before. The conversion can be done in a day (simply an intake swap and run some fuel lines). Along with the kit you will receive a new: Fuel pump, Distributor, Ignition module, Air charge sensor, Water temp sensor, 4-wire Bosch O2 sensor, MAP sensor, Relays, and fuses. Everything comes with a 1-year unlimited mileage warranty as well.

This intake will fit factory 2V heads, Trick Flow heads, and with additional machining it will fit 4V factory heads.


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