Ford 5.0 Intake Performance Package

These kits include the Edelbrock Victor Junior EFI Intake manifold and fuel rails. We also include our low profile throttle body. The factory intake is restrictive and draws air through great lengths of individual runners. By bolting on this setup your engine doesn’t have to breath through 8 long small straws. Allowing your engine to make much more power. You also will have a throttle response like never before. Almost everything you need to compete the swap comes in the kit

  • Edelbrock intake and fuel rails
  • Our Low-Profile Throttle Body (includes brand new idle air bypass and pigtail, and new TPS and pigtail)
  • An adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with gauge
  • New Conversion Throttle cable

You can increase the pressure and the volume of your fuel injectors with the included adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator. You can also reuse your other factor sensors. All you will need is; Intake gaskets, some rubber fuel lines, and a flaring Tool. We recommend installing a wide band air fuel gauge, incase you need larger injectors.


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