Harland Sharp 7.5 Pedestal Mount Roller Rockers

Harland Sharp Pedestal Mount Adjustable Roller Rockers for 460, 429, 351C, 351M/400 (1.73 Ratio)

460 EFI Guys has teamed up with Harland Sharp to offer our customers the highest quality roller rockers for their factory EFI and carbureted 460/429, 351C and 351M/400 heads.  These are a full set of adjustable full roller rockers for factory pedestal mount Ford heads.  No guide plates are required with these due to the design of the self-centering pedestal foot block. 

Why upgrade you might ask?  Don’t believe the nay-sayers.  Roller rockers make a difference.  Not all your valves are opening the same amount with stamped steel rockers.   It gets worse with higher spring pressure and higher rpm. You will get more horsepower with roller rockers with less friction and less oil temperature and breakdown.  If you’re looking for quality and performance these are the best option for consistency and accuracy in valve lift.  It will help you to pull the maximum potential out of your camshaft.

Kit includes:

  • 16 adjustable roller rockers, pedestal feet and bolts

Pedestal mount factory Ford heads 7.5 / 460, 429, 351C, 351M/400 (1.73 ratio)
for spring pressures up to 600 lbs. at the nose of the cam.

Adjustable rocker set important notes*

  • You will need to measure and order correct length pushrods. What we have found for the length on our builds is 8.350 in. (for flat tappet) & 7.850 in. (for  Crower hydraulic roller lifters).  Typically $100 for 5/16” or $150 for 3/8” pushrods.
  • You will need to raise your 460 EFI stock valve covers ½”.  You can do this one of three ways: with a set of MediceMfg valve cover spacers, with a set of MediceMfg perimeter bolt valve cover adapters, or by adding a ½” to the height of your valve covers.

$650 (Includes S+H)


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